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Book Description:
"There is a new generation of kids who are changing the rules about what is possible. They are creating their own paths, following their own visions, and inspiring others to do the same." This is the message behind authors Kristi Stoll and Gidget Clayton’s new book, The Road to Teen Vision: How to Find Your Passion and Realize Your Dreams.

Discover how to find your passion and realize your dream! Teenagers from across the country who have created million-dollar businesses, invented new technologies, and started their own volunteer groups, share with you how they got started and what they did to make their idea a success. Find additional step-by-step guidance from the authors to learn how to recognize your dream, discover your inner gifts and learn how to have the inner strength and courage to live your dream. The book includes a workbook for you to follow along with and profiles of 14 young people, ages 10 to 19, who have found success through drive as much as talent. They include Keisha Daniel, 15, a clothing designer and founder of Pretty Tomboy Clothing; B. J. Pinchbeck, 15, a graphic designer and creator of his own homework-help website; and Matthew Balick and Justin Lewis, both 14, inventors of their own toy and game, Flip-Itz. Using fun examples and practical tips, the authors show that no matter what the dream, teens and preteens can start pursuing it now.

Read an excerpt from The Road to Teen Vision in April's DreamBig Newsletter for Parents.


About the Authors: Gidget Clayton and Kristi Stoll
After quitting jobs in the corporate world, selling everything, and buying an RV so that they could travel around the country interviewing amazing kids, authors Gidget Clayton and Kristi Stoll are two entrepreneurs who intend to change the world with their creative talents and message of "living your dream." Currently residing in Southern California, Kristi and Gidget are working independently on other writing projects as well as co-owning two online buisinesses; one geared toward kids/teens ( and the other geared toward spiritually minded women and men ( This is their first book.

Book Details
Reading level: Young Adult
Paperback: 178 pages
Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing (April 10, 2005)
ISBN: 1582701172
Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.1 x 0.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 11.0 ounces

Where To Find a Copy

  • Website - Buy a copy on, and receive: a discount of 10% off retail AND get your copy personalized and signed.
    • Special Note: With each book purchased through, we are continuing our mission to support the dreams of young people and contributing $.50 to empowering youth organizations. This is an exclusive offer that can only be made through purchases at
  • Book Stores - Some book stores, like Barnes and Noble and Borders have already purchased the book, however, if your local bookstore does not have a copy, you can ask them to order it for you. (ISBN 1-58270-117-2)
  • Bulk Purchases - If you are interested in purchasing 10 or more books, please visit to receive a bulk ordering discount of 40% off retail.

Press Kit Downloads
All the files are PDF format. Click on the download, once the PDF file has load, click on the "Save a copy" icon. Or just right click on the word download, then click on "Save target as" to save each file to your specified location.

Announcing The Road to TeenVision Book Press Release ~ download
Author Press Release - Gidget Clayton (Page 1 of 2) ~ download
Author Press Release - Kristi Stoll (Page 2 of 2) ~ download

Press Releases for the Kids of The Road to TeenVision:

Amanda Dunbar ~ download
Evan and Elise Macmillan and Jeremy Valdes ~ download
Keisha McDaniel and Laura Lockwood ~ download
Leon Little, BJ Pinchbeck and Ryan Patterson ~ download
Precious Thomas and Justin Miller ~ download
Racheal Schdoris, Matthew Balick and Justin Lewis ~ download

In The News
Pending space for Articles written about The Road to TeenVision, the authors and Kids!
Bulk Purchasing
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Corporate and Customized Books

Planet Giggle will customize The Road to TeenVision by designing and creating a page to your specifications:

  • A separage page to be bound into The Road to TeenVision (after the title page) with a personal message, plus your company name and/or logo.
  • Printed on the same stock of paper as the book.

Customizing your copies will turn an already powerful book into a priceless gift, award, memento or acknoweledgement. The book also serves as an excellent marketing/advertising tool.

Each time your clients, employees, friends... view The Road to TeenVision, your company name and logo will be prominently displayed. Contact Info
Planet Giggle
PO Box 2166
Wailuku, HI 96793
ph: 808-757-9306
ph: 949-887-1643

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Read an excerpt from
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