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What Is PlanetGiggle
Our foundation is built from the principle that we each have inner gifts or talents to share with one another. With this foundation in mind, we create resources and materials to encourage the exploration of those dreams and talents. At, we believe that parents are Kids' first links to finding their inner gift; is their second.

What PlanetGiggle Stands For
Our dream is to cultivate the dreams of others. We create products and provide resources that shed light on the talents and beauty that we each possess. We support people to become aware of who they are, what they would like to create in their lives and encourage them to follow that inner self that leads them to their dreams. We aren't asking you to blindly believe anything we say. We encourage you to believe in yourself, to listen to your own inner guidance, and to nurture your own gifts so that you, too, can live a life you dream of. In life, we each have choices, we encourage you to make choices based on finding a life full of joy and passion.

The word Giggle is an acromyn for Genuine Intention, Inner Guidance, Gentle Being, Genius Within, Love of Self, and Enlightened Presence and is a metaphor for life; if you are willing to explore and discover all of these wonderful pieces of yourself, what you have pieced together is a life of fun, hence GIGGLE.

Your Child's Privacy
We care about personal privacy and pay special attention with children. Any personal information we receive will not be shared with or sold to any third parties. This information is available only to those who work at

We will collect a child’s e-mail address to respond to questions about the site, comments about dreams, and the like. The child’s e-mail address is deleted immediately upon responding to the child’s request.

We will also collect a child’s e-mail address to sign the child up for our online contests. In these situations, we ask the child to provide a parent’s e-mail address and send an e-mail notice to the parent regarding the child’s request.

We support self-regulatory guidelines on collecting information from children in the interactive environment. We also recommend that you, as parents, monitor your children's on-line activities and learn about and use software or other tools which can help you assure that your children experience a fun on-line experience in a manner that reflects your own preferences. We hope that you and your children enjoy our site and visit us often!

Teen Activities
Throughout our site we offer several activities to encourage your child to explore his/her creativity and learn how to identify and build on their talents. You can find a list of these activities here. Continue to check back as we will be adding to this list.

Our Book (now an ebook) and inspirational cards
Let us help you provide them with the start they need to making their dreams come true. Visit our gift shop and find a gift that inspires your Pre-teen or Teen today. Contact Info
Planet Giggle
P.O. Box 2166
Wailuku, HI 96793

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Need help with ideas for how to encourage your Child's creativity? We'd love to help! We also welcome any questions you may have about our site or any of our products, contests or upcoming projects. Please email us anytime you like.