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Writing Help

Would you like to be a writer
but don't know where to start?
Our researchers (oh, that

would be me) found a few
links out on the net that look
great to help writers of all
sorts...here they are:

Scholastic.com - this site has
real authors to take u thru
steps of all types of writing
(mystery, short story, poetry,
etc)...and u can even submit
ur work to them for their

Brucehale/How2write.com -
great and fun site to show u
how to write a good story by
writer/illustrator Bruce Hale.

gigglepoetry.com - a fun look
at how to write poetry.

thewritesource.com - help with
finding writing topics.

Homework Help

bjpinchbeck.com - BJ and
his dad do more research
on homework help than I
could ever imagine. Check
out his site or email him for
any help u need!

Drawing and
Painting Help

www.garyharbo.com/ -
draw cartoon characters
with Gary Garbo

www.draw123.com- draw
monsters, animals, and

draw in 3D

- fun
drawing lessons

free downloadable drawing

- learn
to paint

Ever wonder how things in real
life compare to what you see on
TV or in magazines? This site has some great behind-the- scenes info to share with you.
It's interactive and lots of fun!
Check it out!


What's Your Favorite VERB to
do? Skating, Acting, Painting,
Creating, Singing, or
Something else? Here's a site
where kids all across the
country are sharing their
favorite VERBs with you!


So you're into music and
you are wondering what
you should do to start a
band? Here are some links
that might help you out!

How to start a band -
Articles written by different

How to start a band Part I
Article writen by
Christopher Sung

How to start a band Part II
Part II of above article

Other articles by Chris

- A chance to
win some $ for your talent.
Check it out!

Interested in starting a

GOTO www.manateens.org.
This group is the BIGGEST Teen
volunteer organization in the
country. They are located in
Florida, but help other kids across
the country start their own
volunteer groups by passing along
all their years of wisdom, and
advice. They will even share their
paperwork with you so you will
have something to refer to when
getting started. They will help you
with everything you need to get
started. Just give them a call.
(941) 761-3207 or email them at
manateens@aol.com. If it comes
up, let them know we sent you!


Here are some helpful sites to get started
on your own site today!

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