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Q:Are there any scholarships for marine biologist? DJ, 15, FL

A:There are so many scholarships
available for different areas these days,
you can pretty much be sure that you
would be able to find in the field that you
are interested in.

On my first try, I did a search in
Google for scholarships + marine
biologist and I found this organization: Looks like they
give out a scholarship each year for
marine related studies. When you go
to their home page, the link to the
scholarships is the 1st link on the left menu.

I also found this site http://www.marine /strat.htm#para22
It talks about marine mammalogy,
however it also has a list of orgs on the
page that give out scholarships and grant
programs. When you get to the pages keep
scrolling down past the questions and
you will find the links to grant info and
scholarship info.

Here is a great site I found that talks about
what to do to plan for a career in marine
biology - definitely worth checking out!

Here is another site that tells you about a
career in marine biology

These are just a few sites I found in a about 5 minutes with simple search in Google. I'm sure if you did a search similar to mine you could find even more information!

Other options to find what you need are: going to a school guidance counselor and asking them to help you find some different scholarship programs available to marine biology. Or even contact one or more of the universities or marine programs you are intested in attending and ask them about any scholarships they might know about.

Know that the information is out there - and that pretty much anything that you can think of wanting to do as a career, there is support out there for you in one way or another!

Q: Hey i have 1 can u start a band after u get people 2gether and practiced sum soungz???

A: Check out the links we have about starting a band on LINK UP

Q: I have an idea to start a group of some sort
to get kids in my community and school to
volenteer there time to helping elders and
tutioring and picking trash from the side of
roads and basically getting people to help out
around here i told some people about it already
and they said they wanted to join, but the only
problem is i dont know how who or what to do
first. Can you give some advice?
A: I know a great place where you can get all
the information you will need to start up a
volunteer group. The group is called
Manateens. They have a website you can check
out at This group is the
BIGGEST Teen volunteer organization in the
country. They are located in Florida, but help
other kids across the country start their own
volunteer groups by passing along all their
years of wisdom, and advise. They will even
share their paperwork with you so you will
have something to refer to when getting
started. They will help you with everything you
need to get started. Just give them a call.
(941) 761-3207 or email them at If it comes up, let them
know we sent you!

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