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Our Mission
Our dream is to cultivate the
dreams of others. We create
products that shed light on
the talents and beauty that
we each possess. We support
people to become aware of
who they are, what they
would like to create in their
lives and encourage them to
follow that inner self that
leads them to their dreams.
We aren't asking you to
blindly believe anything we
say. We encourage you to
believe in yourself, to listen
to your own inner guidance,
and to nurture your own
gifts so that you, too, can
live a life you dream of.
In life, we each have choices,
we encourage you to make
choices based on finding
a life full of joy and passion.

(What is KidVision?)

Believe it or not, we quit
our jobs, loaded up an RV
and traveled across the
country in search of kids
who could inspire the world
to live their dreams. WHY?
To inspire YOU to get off
your bum and get out there
to discover your own
dreams! We know you can
do it, and we hope that
KidVision can encourage you
to know that too!
So, after a few months in an
RV and a few months
traveling by plane, we have
accumulated stories that we
believe can inspire and
WOW even the most
skeptical of audiences.
KidVision isn't only a
project that we are working
on, it has become a way for
us to live out own dream. As
in any dream, this road has
been challenging at times.
And, as much as it has been
that, it has been rewarding
beyond what we could have
ever imagined. The people
we have met along the way,
we have not only wanted to
adopt into our own families,
we have learned from them
how to live life with a heart
full of optimism, support
and love. We know the
feelings and support these
families have for life and
for one another will come
through in the interviews
we have recorded for you
to see. We hope you will
be as delighted as we are
to read and share these
encouraging stories.

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