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We are proud to announce the release of our book, The Road to TeenVision: How to Find Your Passion and Realize Your Dreams. After three years in the making, this dream has become a reality! And as we are entering into the promotional stage of this project, the response we are receiving is fantastic. Adults and Teens/Preteens alike are getting excited about it. We couldn't be more delighted! Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement through this project. Take care, chat soon, and happy reading!

Dream Big!
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The Road to TeenVision: How to Find Your Passion and Realize your Dreams.

"There is a new generation of kids who are changing the rules about what is possible. They are creating their own paths, following their own visions, and inspiring others to do the same." This is the message behind authors Kristi Stoll and Gidget Clayton’s new book, The Road to Teen Vision: How to Find Your Passion and Realize Your Dreams (ISBN 1-58270-117-2, $9.95, 200 pp, 6 x 9 inches, softcover).

It’s harder for today’s teens to pursue their dreams in a world where success is often measured superficially—beauty, money, status. The Road to TeenVision is ready to change this perspective. As a teen and tween guidebook for transforming
dreams into reality, The Road to TeenVision teaches the reader how to identify their strengths, find their true passion, and use step-by-step methods for making their dreams come true.

The book features profiles of fourteen inspirational kids, ages 10 to 19, who discovered their dreams and then made them happen. Stories include:

• Rachael Scdoris, a 17-year-old, legally blind sled dog racer who
will compete in the Iditarod in March 2005.
• Keisha McDaniel, a 15-year-old clothing designer and founder
of Pretty Tomboy Clothing whose many accomplishments are
currently making headlines.• Matthew Balick and Justin Lewis, two 14-year-olds who created the toy and game, Flip-Itz.
• B.J. Pinchbeck, a 14-year-old web designer who founded
a homework help site for kids on the Internet.
• Laura Lockwood, a 19-year-old who co-founded Manateens,
the largest teen volunteer group in the nation.
• Amanda Dunbar, a 19-year-old painter who started at the
age of 13 and now commands thousands for her prolific paintings.

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Where To Find a Copy

  • Website - Buy a copy on, and receive: a discount of 10% off retail AND get your copy personalized and signed.
    • Special Note: With each book purchased through, we are continuing our mission to support the dreams of young people and contributing $.50 to empowering youth organizations. This is an exclusive offer that can only be made through purchases at
  • Book Stores - Some book stores, like Barnes and Noble and Borders have already purchased the book, however, if your local bookstore does not have a copy, you can ask them to order it for you. (ISBN 1-58270-117-2)
  • Bulk Purchases - If you are interested in purchasing 10 or more books, please visit to receive a bulk ordering discount of 40% off retail.

Excerpt from The Road to TeenVision


Do You Have TeenVision?
We guess you need to know what TeenVision is to know if you have it or not, right?

To begin with, TeenVision has five basic ingredients. TeenVision starts with having a dream or vision of what you would like to accomplish. Second, it's all about sharing your inner gifts-the special talents you possess and the unique way you communicate them. Next is finding your passion-the feeling that motivates you. Fourth, it's believing in the magic of a dream-or that anything is possible. And last but not least, a very important part of TeenVision is having guts-the willingness to put yourself and your idea out there. And there you have it: that's TeenVision!

So who has TeenVision? Everyone. Yes, everyone-including YOU! TeenVision isn't just for teens; it's for anyone whose heart is filled with the hope and spark of dreaming--the sort of dreaming that will one day lead you to accomplish your ultimate goal, whatever that may be. This book has been created to help you find your own vision, discover your dreams and uncover your inner gifts and help you believe in them as well. No matter what stage you're at, this book can guide you on your dream path. Remember, the world needs you, your talents, and your ideas, so never give up. We believe in you and we want you to succeed!

To keep you inspired, each chapter includes a motivational interview with someone like you who followed his or her own vision. These are stories about young people from all across the country who were interviewed in person, especially for you, to show you the magic that can happen when you follow your dreams. These sections, titled "LET'S DO IT!" will show you how these young people's visions came to life, the steps they took to make their dreams a reality, and advice they have for you to help you follow your own dream.

As you read this book, find yourself in its pages. See yourself in the faces of the kids out there who are already living their vision. Get inspired and get excited, because you truly are a gift and the world can't wait to see what you have to share!

At the end of the book you will find a chapter dedicated solely to you! This is where you have the chance to write your own story or write about your own visions and dreams. Each chapter of the book will guide you on how to fill out the different sections in your own chapter, but if you feel inspired, you don't have to wait; go ahead and start writing!

By the way, there is no right or wrong way to read this book. If you want to read it through from beginning to end, great. But feel free to skip to the chapters and stories that sound most appealing to you. Every section is designed to get you thinking about the fabulous gifts and visions you have to share.

Are you ready? Come on, let's go!


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