Young People EVERYWHERE are starting companies,
creating new toys, inventing new products, and starting
up peer groups to help their community. The list of
things they are doing are as endless as ways you can do
the same! So, how are they doing it? They get an idea,
they find people who can help, they find a way to start,
and from there, it just starts rolling.
SO what do you
need to get started?

Here's How

1dream it.
What is ur dream? U might have more
than 1, GREAT! Now write them
down. See ur idea on paper, this helps
u visualize it better and set ur idea
into motion!
DREAM BIG ~ anything is possible!

2 believe it.
Belief in ur idea and in urself is KEY!
Without it, u'll just toss ur idea aside.
KNOW that ur idea is good and can be
added to, to make it even better.
KNOW that anything is possible. KNOW
that u have all the inner strength
and confidence to make anything happen!

KNOW it! FEEL it!

3 create it.
Now is the fun part! Think of ways to
e ur idea. If u don't know where to
start, start by asking people who might
know. Do research in the library or
internet. Get out there...ASK
QUESTIONS! You'll find someone who
knows someone who can help u. I

4 got it!

Now ur movin'! Keep going. Keep
creating. Allow ur idea to evolve and
change along the way. Take advice ONLY
when it feels right for u! If people try
to down ur idea, just move on...they are
just jealous that they didn't come up
with it themselves. There are plenty of
people who will be supportive of ur
idea. Surround urself with optimism
and encouragement. Ask lots of
questions...and did I mention...

Have a story that you
would like to share with
us about a business you
started, or some other
way you are living your
dream? Please write a
short story about what
you did, and how you
did it and SEND IT in to
us. If we think other
kids might like it, we'll
put it up on this page
for others to read!


One of our summer projects is to
raise money for "Shoes That Fit."
We have a great corner to sell
lemonade - so this is what we are
doing! We've had four lemonade
stands so far and have raised over
$200, plus a generous donation of
Sparkletts water from our local
Sparkletts deliveryman.

"Shoes That Fit" is a charity that
pairs corporations with needy
children in schools across America.
These children receive new shoes
and school clothes. We became
aware that in our middle school in
Santa Monica, CA. not every
student has a decent pair of shoes.
Our neighbor Marina Drasnin, who
published a photo book about little
shoes called Little Feet, told us
about "Shoes That Fit" and we're
very happy that she did.

With the help of friends like Molly
Southam, Melody Wise, and Emma
Brayfield, we hope to raise a lot of
money by the end of the summer.

Printable Labels!
Hey Peoples!
I wish some peoples would look at my web
site. But no one remembers it. You can see
why. Here it is:
I want to be a Web Page designer. I can
create a zillion things. Bub bye!
UR FRIEND, Robbie, 13 RI
If you get an idea, don't
let anyone down it. Have
faith that it is a good
YOU came up with it!
Recently I started to BMX. I pretty much got in to it because my best friend at the
time was doing it and it looked so fun. So i did it. When i started, everyone was a
little bit worried about me but they all supported me in doing it! I never really won
any races at all being i race the guyz, eveyones always telling me If i race the girls
i'd have better chances or winning but i like riding with the guyz. I can't wait to see
their reaction when one i day i come in first place! Thhats kinda been a lil dream i
have been having, winning! At the end of the season, I was 15 year old girl state
champ! I was great I was so happy! Now i have something to look foward to
when it starts back up again, another win!
Kelli, 15 NY
My name is Hannah and I dream of being a famous
singer! I would love to become famous and I am sure that
I could handle the celeb world no matter what people say!
I love being on stage I get such a thrill from it. People
say that I have an angels voice and that when I perform
I shine like a star!I have been in many productions like
Bugsy Malone where I was Blousey, and I have done
the Wizard of Oz where I was Dorothy. I have a passion
for singing and being on stage. I also love acting and
dancing. People say I can dance really well , I love that
to! I have done many acting exams and in all of them I
received distinctions. Also, I have performed in the Purcell
Room a concert hall in London where I was the youngest
GIVE UP so maybe my dream will come true!!!
Hannah, 14

I would like to help the animals in
the world who are in shelters by
advertising them in a pet mag that
i create. This would help animals
find good homes and i would also
help by givivg care packages-free
Lizzy, 11 CA

I have a dream to be a Marine
Biologist one day but I'm affraid its
not going to happen. I want to help
the sea animals from anything. My
dream and wish in the whole world is
to one day just to spend at least a
minute or two with an orca. It would
be a dream come true.
Sarah, 12 Canada

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