KidVision is a project we at PlanetGiggle are working
on to compile inspirational stories of Kids from all over
the country into a book. How are these kids different?
They are different because they got ideas to invent
something, or to help others, or to create a new way to
have fun and they followed through with seeing their
idea become reality. How are these kids just like
We each have a gift to share with eachother -
whether it's a message, a new way of doing things, or
a service you create to help others - you have your
own "vision". All you have to do is find it and discover
ways to nurture it and support it just like these Kids.
Then your idea or dream can become a reality too!

we've traveled all around the country to interview
these inspirational kids FOR YOU to show you how
they did it!
We hope this book can give you some
ideas of how you can pursue your own idea or dream.
YOU KNOW, you also, have a gift just as amazing as
the Kids of KidVision.
Do YOU already have an idea of
something you would like to do
If so, tell us all about it!