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Book Update

The book title is "My TeenVision" and is scheduled to hit
the bookshelves March 15th, 2005. We will keep you updated
with any new info!

Mail Bag

Q - I want to encourage my child, but I don't know what her
gift or passion is yet? I am looking to hard to find something
specific that looks like what "I" would consider a gift, but am not
sure what to look for. Betsy C., Westchester, CA

A - That's a great question. Sometimes inner talents or gifts are
very obvious and other times they take some digging. First of
all know that some of us will have very strong external talents like
drawing, writing, athletics, or a knack for playing musical
instruments while others have very strong internal talents such as
possessing a strong sense of compassion, being a natural leader,
or be drawn to giving to or helping others. All children possess
talents, and here are some hints for uncovering your child's.

Pay attention to the most subtle strengths that your child shows
you in her personality. Her strongest talents aren't just talents that
will be discovered by introducing new activities into her life, but by
who she is. To get a better idea of who your child really is, spend
some one-on-one time with her. Ask her questions about what she
dreams of doing, or if she could do anything what would it be, or
about any concerns she might have. Also, ask her what she feels
her biggest strengths or talents are. Take some time to allow your
daughter to teach you. Children are very wise, if given the chance
they will share their wisdom with you and when they do you will
get a better idea of who they are.

Giving your daughter special time that is just for the two of you
(and make a point of saying that) builds trust in your relationship
so that she will feel more open to share with you. If you haven't
noticed any of your daughter's talents, try opening your
perspective to be something that you don't expect. As you begin
to learn about who your daughter is encourage her to follow any
ideas or interests she may have. Trying different things out helps
her to learn about who she is as well. Be sure to support her by
telling her about the strengths you see in her, if you come up
with any ideas to share with her about what activities she could
try be sure that they are ideas that she feels comfortable enough
to be able to say no to if she wishes. It's great to share ideas with
her, but you want to follow her lead with what she wants for
herself instead of what you might think is best or more ideal for

Thank you for your question.

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