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Happy Holidays !

Can you believe the holidays are already upon us? It feels like they have come so fast.

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Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and chat with you soon!
Kristi :)

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Parent - Teen Activity "Game Night"


Because the holidays mean family, what would be better than planning a game night. Here are some ideas...

Sometime before the big event, have an "Organizational Committee" meeting – in other words, the family should discuss the plans together!

At this meeting, all rules and guidelines for the event will be established. For example, will this be a competition or just for fun? If it is a competition, will there be teams or just individuals? What does the winner win?

Special snacks should be prepared for the participants. One interesting way to do this would be for each person to contribute their favorite snack, whether homemade or store-bought.

Try selecting quick-moving games and don't linger too long on any one game. Sometimes, the rules might need to be slightly changed to adapt the game to the event.

You might even try creating your own game! Use the foundation of one game, but make up new rules or new "cards" or game pieces that can really bring some life to some old games.

How will this activity promote the parent-teen relationship?

The simple act of setting aside a night for each other is a major accomplishment for some families who hardly have time to be together.

Forming teams for a competition may allow certain family members who normally have difficulty getting along to bond. This will give parents an opportunity to set an example of good sportsmanship by obeying the rules, maintaining a good attitude, not arguing or fighting, etc.

How about this . . .

• If your family enjoys this activity enough, it could become a regular weekly or monthly event.

• Each month a different family member could be "in charge."

• Different themes could be explored – table games one month, outdoor activities the next, etc.

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