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Happy Valentine's Day!
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Happy Valentine's Day. Here is our February issue of our DreamBig Newsletter. In this issue we have a great Parent-Teen activity for you. As always, if you have any questions for us, drop us a line anytime. Have a great day! Enjoy.
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Parent-Teen Activity

Movie Marathon

Not every family likes movies, but most do. For families who enjoy movies, this is something a whole family could do together.

  • Box Office: no movie is free, so before the movies begin, each family member must "pay for their ticket" by putting a set amount of money (e.g., $2/person) into the family jackpot. At the end of the day/night, each family member will have an opportunity to win this money.
  • Snack Bar: the family kitchen should be well stocked ahead of time with large amounts of popcorn, soda, candy, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Feature Presentation: movies can be selected in any way the family chooses (e.g., allow every family member to select their favorite movie or select movies around a theme that everyone in the family will enjoy; for example, comedy movies or movies about animals).
  • Family Jackpot: after the movies are over, the family can have make-it-yourself ice cream sundaes with all the fixings and quiz each other on the movies. Going from one to another in a rotation, each family member can ask the rest some trivia question(s) from each movie. Whoever gets the most right answers wins the family jackpot (i.e., the "ticket" money).

How will this activity promote the parent-teen relationship?

Since the whole family must decide what movies to watch, unselfishness can be taught as each member compromises with the others.

Spending time around the table (after the movies are done) is something many families don't do. Have fun with it!

Maybe your family will enjoy this so much you could schedule another movie marathon.

A unique twist . . .

In order to develop a sense of teamwork among family members, make a rule that no one can help themselves to food, but someone else must always get it for them. Some simple rules could be laid down that would ensure no one would miss any part of the movie by doing this; for instance, if someone wants a refill, the movie must be paused or it must be done during an official "intermission" for the whole family.

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