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Hi Everyone!
Hope everyone had a great summer, we know we did. We are excited to announce that we have had our first big article written about our book, The Road to TeenVision: How to find your passion and realize your dreams, in the October issue of "Weekly Reader" - the magazine that goes out to schools across the country. If you would like to read the article, we have included a link below to a copy of it on our website.

For this newsletter, we have decided to take an excerpt out of our book which talks about Inner Gifts - what they are and how you find them - hope this sheds a little light.

If you have any questions, please write to us anytime!

Hope you enjoy it and talk to you soon!
Kristi :)

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Weekly Reader Article

Click here to view the article!

Excerpt from The Road to TeenVision


Who you are is your inner gift. You are a person with ideas, talents, messages, style, beliefs, and opinions. All these elements come together to make up your unique, authentic self. And it is from your unique, authentic self that your inner gifts are expressed.

Let's break it down: One essential element of your inner gift is having a unique talent or a natural ability to do something (or some things) very well. While some of these talents are external, such as playing the drums, painting well, or putting things together, some talents are internal, such as being a natural leader, having an ability to learn new things quickly, or possessing a strong sense of compassion. These internal talents can also be considered pieces of your unique personality traits and may come so easily to you that you might not even be aware of them. On the other hand, your external talents might be uncovered when you explore activities you are drawn to. As you start to look for your talents, some will be easy to find and obvious, while others will need to be discovered and developed.

An equally important part of your inner gift is the unique way in which you express or convey your talents. Your expression is developed through your experiences, feelings, opinions, and perception of life. This unique expression can be translated through your individual style and through the overall message you convey. Your expression is a vital part of your gift because it is essentially what breathes life into your talents.

As an example, think of two of your favorite recording artists or athletes. What do you like about each of them? You'll probably find that you not only enjoy their singing or athletic talent but that you also connect with their style and personality, the messages in their songs, or their particular athletic technique. Even though two people might have similar talents (in this case, singing or sports), it is their expression of that talent that sets them apart. That's why no two people are exactly alike; imagine how boring it would be if they were!

Your inner gift is one of a kind. Learning to tap into it can be very magical. Each component of your inner gift is like a puzzle piece: alone, each component is unique, but when connected to one another to form a whole, these gifts take on a shape-you! Your inner gift is unique and is intended to be used and shared with others. When you utilize your inner gift, it impacts and inspires those around you, helping to shape and form the world we live in. You can literally change the world by sharing your talents and openly expressing who you are. Just imagine the difference you can make!

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