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It's been a crazy few months for me and Gidget, but we are finally getting a newsletter out. Currently, we are working on the writing of our book, KidVision and waiting anxiously to hear from the publishers. Wish us luck!

In this issue, we've put a few holiday suggestions together for you to continue encouraging the Kids in your life to discover their inner gifts and follow their dreams. We hope you enjoy it.
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By the way, this is the first holiday article of two. The next one will give you ideas on connecting with your Kids along with fun activities for the holidays. Both are already posted on our site, if you would like to read the 2nd one now.

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Vol.12 Issue 1                               December 2003

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Featured Article written by Kristi Stoll

This Holiday give your child a gift they will never forget.
Make your gifts special by giving gifts that show them that you support who they are.

Kids love to be creative! They love to create things with their own hands and imagination. Encourage them to do so any chance you get. Exploring their creativity is essential to their discovering who they are and their inner gifts.

Holidays are a perfect time to encourage your kids to explore their creativity and inner giving gifts that will inspire them to explore their talents.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Holiday Gift Ideas
Gifts you can give your child

Make your gifts special by giving gifts that show them that you support who they are. Here's how:

  • Focus on what your child's talents and interests are and frame their gifts around that. Give gifts that inspire creativity and exploration of who they are and who they would like to become. For example, if they love to draw, paint or color, find ways to help them explore that more. Examples:
    • Provide them with art supplies.
    • Take them to art museums or other local art activities to explore different artists - get them involved in exploring the art world - and do it with them when you can.
    • Research different artistic styles and mediums on the internet, or in the library, and see which ones they like.
    • Challenge them with activities to get them to explore more. For example, have them choose a specific artist or style they like. Then have them create an art piece with a theme you come up with that would be in the style of the chosen artist.
  • Give them gifts that you create - don't be afraid to show your child your creativity and talents. Even if it is something as simple as giving them a memory book filled with your favorite memories of them with pics/stickers and writings - get in there and be creative. The more you show them your creativity, the more they will want to show you theirs.
  • Give them gifts of special time with you doing something that will help the two of you connect.
    • Incorporate an activity that your child loves that you can explore together (like tickets to planetarium or creating something together). Ask them questions. Let them teach you what they know about these subjects. Children are wonderful teachers when given the chance.
  • Computer/Video Games - Video games are a popular gift choice and if you play your cards right, you can find games that inspire their imagination and creativity rather than giving them mindless hours of repetitive recreation. For Example:
    • Find games that relate back to your child's talents or interests.
    • Find games that encourage them to explore their creativity such as creating music, role playing, creating roller coasters or cities, dancing, singing - you name it, it is probably out there - ask the people in the stores, most of them are gamers and know the games inside and out.
    • Know what you are getting them - very important. Do research if you need to. You can find reviews on the internet.
    • Ask lots of questions in the store.
    • Taking an interest in what you are getting your Kids makes all the difference.

Holiday Gift Ideas
Creative gifts your child can give

Here are some simple ideas that can encourage your Kids' inner gifts that come from their heart that they create themselves.

  • Write/sing a song
  • Write a poem
  • Paint/draw a picture
  • Cook something special
  • Build something
  • Make jewelry
  • Make a collage - or photo album
  • Frame a favorite Photo
  • Make their own video/movie

The point is to encourage the young people in your life to consistently integrate activities that build on their inner gifts/talents and interests. Incorporating ideas like this into their lives will change who they are and your relationship with them. Best of all, it provides a foundation of confidence, inner strength and a greater sense of imagination. With this, they can achieve anything they dream of and overcome any obstacle.

This holiday, be sure to give them gifts they will never forget.

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Have a fun holiday season!

Spotlight Activity
Printable Activities!
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Matthew Balick and Justin Lewis

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We each have a gift to share with eachother -
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things, or a service you create to help others -
you have your own "vision". All you have to
do is find it and discover ways to nurture it
and support it just like these Kids. Then your
idea or dream can become a reality too!

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