Ever Wanted to Help Someone But Didn't Really Know Where to Start?
Here are some ideas as well as resources to get you started!

Help your Community by Hosting a Volunteer Day in your Neighborhood!

Here's What You Do!

  • Call all the Kids in your neighborhood and ask them to participate in organizing a Volunteer Day.
  • Gather everyone who wants to help for a planning party.
  • Have everyone bring paper and pen/pencil.

At the Planning Party:

  1. Brain Storm: Come up with ideas of what to do in your community.
  2. If you need some help with ideas, here are a few:
    • Clean an older person's yard
    • Pick up trash on your block
    • Help your neighbors with their gardening
    • Visit or put on a show at an elderly community (Talk to an adult for help or permission)
    • Make personalized Cards for an elderly community or a children's home
    • Collect Toys/Clothes for a Children's Home or Women's Shelter.
    • There are lots of ways you can help your community! If you need more ideas, take a look at some of the programs one of our KidVision Kids started when she was only 12. Now she has the largest teen volunteer organization in the country!
  3. Now, Set a date for your Volunteer Day.
  4. Write up a list of everything you will need for the Volunteer Day.
    For Example:
    • Trash Collecting: Have everyone bring at least one trash bag and water.
    • Help Gardening: Talk to a neighbor about helping them (ask if they need help; ask what day and time your group could help; ask if they have enough tools for all of your group? If not, ask your parents if you could borrow their tools.)
    • Visit or put on a show for an Elderly Community: Find an Elderly Community, Call and ask if your group can come over and visit or put on a show. Ask what day and time would be best. Ask a parent/adult for permission and a ride to the Elderly Community.
  5. Tell all in your group the date and time and place.
  6. Make a list for everyone with all the things they will need to bring!
  7. If you are putting on a show, making cards, or collecting toys/clothes, you will need to have additional planning and creating/practice meetings before the Volunteer Day. So schedule how many meetings you need and make sure everyone has a copy of the schedule.

    Volunteer Day

  • The BIG day has arrived! Meet everyone at the specified meeting place and time (Remember your water and everything else on your list)
  • HAVE FUN! Helping your community doesn't have to be serious or boring. Make it fun! Think of ways to bring fun and laughter into your day! That is what it is all about. Fun for You and your Friends and the Community!
  • After your Volunteer Day is finished, be sure to clean up anything you brought. Thank everyone who was involved and congratulate yourself and all the other participants for a job well done! AWESOME JOB!
  • Write a story about your experience of helping your community and submit it to the local newspaper, the local community paper or the school paper. They love stories like this. Oh, and send it to us, we would love to hear about it! We might even post it on our site for other Kids to read about!
  • If you liked your Volunteer Day, why not plan one once a month, or once every 2-3 months. They can be the same thing or different each time...whatever you can imagine, you can create! It is so much fun to help others and it feels really good to know you have made a difference in someone else's life!

    Another Resource

  • Check out the ManaTeens Website for more volunteer activity ideas and guidance. They are the largest in the country and help other Kids to start their own volunteer activities in their neighborhoods!

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