Neighborhood Treasure Hunts can be so much fun!
Why not try one where you can find everything outside!

Here's what you do!

  1. Print these instructions.
  2. Gather a group of Kids. The group can be any size. This activity can be as much fun for 1 person as it is for many!
  3. If you have a group, decide how many people you want in each team and how many teams you want. Now divide everyone into their teams.
  4. Pass the list of treasures needed (below) to each team.
  5. Set a time limit of 30 minutes to find all of the items.
  6. Now everyone start at the same time.
  7. The object is to find as many of the objects on the list as you can in the time allowed.
  8. You might want to limit the search area to a park, the yard, or the neighboorhood (from one block to another). Each group needs to have something (like a grocery bag) to carry their treasures in.


  • Something GREEN
  • Something HARD
  • Something SOFT
  • Something BROWN
  • Something that FLOATS
  • Something a BIRD COULD EAT
  • A LEAF longer than your hand
  • Something ORANGE
  • Something YELLOW
  • Something PRICKLY
  • Something ROUND
  • A TWIG as long as your longest finger
  • Something with WORD PRINTED on it
  • Something MANMADE
  • Something Metal

    When you are finished:

  1. When the 30 minutes is up, everyone gather back where they started.
  2. Sit in a circle with your bags of treasures.
  3. Each person or team take turns discussing the items on their list. Go down the list and show the others what you found that meets the description.
  4. Allow time for each team or person to discuss their treasures.
  5. When everyone is finished, another fun activity is to take the treasures they found and create crafts with them. They can do them alone or still in teams.
  6. One idea is to glue them together to make shapes or animals; another idea is to glue them to a piece of paper to create a design. Have fun and be creative. Incorporate your own ideas! No idea is a bad idea! Gift Ideas

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