Have a Giggle Party!

Have you ever been caught up in a moment of Laughter? How did it make you feel? Think about the happiest moments of your life? Did it include Laughter?

Why not create a party that the guest of honor is Laughter!

Here's what you need to do to create a party where Giggles are the Star!

  1. Invite all the Kids you know. Even the one you don't know very well. Who knows, maybe they need a laugh or giggle or maybe they are funny and you didn't even know it.
  2. Ask each kid to bring something funny. They could bring their favorite joke, a laugh box, a funny outfit, a funny picture from a magazine or book, or a funny story they heard or even one they made up.
  3. Tell every guest that there is ONE rule: Everyone Must have FUN! And to be prepared to LAUGH and GIGGLE!
  4. Once everyone has arrived, have them sit in a circle so that everyone can see everyone else. If it is nice outside, sit in the yard or at the park.
  5. To start the party off, the person hosting the party stands up and makes up the funniest face they can think of, and then sits down.
  6. The person on the left stands up and makes their funniest face ever, sit down and the next person on the left does the same thing, until we are back to the host again. Everyone will be LAUGHING AND GIGGLING in no time!
  7. Once everyone has had a turn making funny faces, the host should stand up and share her/his funny item, telling everyone why they think it is funny if it is not obvious. Then sit down.
  8. Then the person on the left should stand up and share her/his item. Go around the circle as many times as there are items to share.

    To liven up any Giggle Party provide or ask each Kid to bring at least on item on this list:
    Silly String
    Funny Mask
    Pop Rocks
    Whoopie Cushion
    Super Sour Candy
    Funny Stickers
    Balloons (to make animals)
    Water Shooters

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