Host an Art Contest Party
for your Kids and their friends!

Here's what you do:

  1. Invite Kids (as many as you can handle). ;-)
  2. Create the contest with fun categories and prizes:
    • First, collect one prize for each participant (so each child gets to win something for their efforts.) These can be very simple such as white elephant gifts that you already have around the house (each child can even bring one). Another idea is something intangible, such as special time with a parent or doing something they love.
    • Next, come up with categories that the kids can win in. Have the Kids help you, if you are having trouble. Some suggestions are: Most Colorful Artwork, Most Abstract Artwork, Most Lifelike Artwork, Funniest Artwork, Best Comic, etc. Making it simple and keeping it easy is the name of the game so don't think too hard about it, just let the ideas flow! This (along with a theme) will help give the Kids direction in their work and give them a focus.
  3. Now that you have your contest set, gather paper, colored pencils, paints, crayons, chalks, magazines/pics (for a collage) or anything you might have around the house.
  4. Appoint a Judge or Judges.
  5. Decide on some basic rules (if you need to), come up with a theme for the contest, and a time limit for them to create within.
  6. Now…let them roll and see what they create. Make sure you encourage them to have fun and be as creative as they want to be. Having as many prizes as there are participants makes it fun for everyone. Everyone is a winner and gets encouraged instead of discouraged to be creative. Encouragement to be creative, to dream and to be free with their ideas is so important. The more support and encouragement they have as Kids, the more self esteem and confidence they will have about themselves and things they create later in life. Remember: No Creation is a bad Creation!

    Find a contest alternative

If you don't have the creativity to create your own contest, or would like to find some fun contests that the Kids can enter to win prizes, there are lots of contests on the internet that Kids can enter where all the rules and prize work is done for you. As we find them, we will post a link to them on our site.

Current Contests

Design a T-shirt and/or Design The Book Cover for our Upcoming Book, KidVision.

Each contest has excellent prizes that any aspiring artist would love. If you would like to check it out, go to The theme for both contests is "Anything is Possible." Contests end July 14th. Winners will be chosen from inspiration, not perfection. For official rules please click on the contest link above.

In using ideas like this art contest, you will be surprised at how it sparks your Kid's own imagination and confidence to do all sorts of things. They might create their own contests, or come up with other ways to spend their time using their imagination. We each have a little artist within ourselves that loves to be creative, whether it's writing, drawing, painting, molding, inventing, building, etc. We each have it. And as Kids, we are more connected to it and are freer to express it. If, as a kid, you are encouraged to explore that expression, that amazing creativity will follow you through life into everything that you do! So always remember these 3 rules in life, DREAM, CREATE, AND GIGGLE!

Incorporate your Art Party with's Contests

Something really fun to do would be to host your own party with your own prizes (again, so each child receives a prize) then send it to us for our contests. Here's what you would do, after you're finished with your contest, put all the artwork in an envelope and mail it to us to be judged for our T-shirt and/or Cover contest! Totally AWESOME idea!! (Be sure to view the official rules for mailing instructions.) We can't wait to see what your Kids have created! Gift Ideas!

Looking for a SPECIAL GIFT for your young Aspiring Artist?

Check out our Artist's Dream Box! Your young artist will LOVE it! It is filled with high grade student materials including paints, pencils, paper, canvasses, plus MUCH more. To view the entire gift contents, check out our GearUP page!

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